Mr. Rude is French

He’s got body odour, he breaks wind and is definitely not an example to follow as far as politeness is concerned. His name is Mr. Rude, and he is one of the new characters in the English TV show Mr. Men, which already features Mr. Messy, Mr. Stubborn or Little Miss Daredevil. Nothing striking so far, but the thing is, Mr. Rude speaks with a strong French accent! Shocking! I have always wondered how come France could be perceived as the capital of the world for fashion, perfumes, great food, good taste and whatever else is luxurious or elegant, while the French themselves have such a bad reputation of uncleanliness and rudeness. But rather than feigning shock or surprise, what about the French made more efforts to appear friendly and engaging to the rest of the world? Come on French people, give the lie to your nasty reputation… 😉

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