The International Year of Languages

Did you know that 2008 had been proclaimed the International Year of Languages? Sonka, one of our forum member, found this information on the website of UNESCO. So in 2008 everyone is invited to increase their own activities to promote and protect all languages, particularly endangered languages, in all individual and collective contexts.

UNESCO will promote projects on “cultural diversity, dialogue and exchange, protecting cultural heritage, safeguarding endangered languages (i.e. through translations and publications for instance)” or “communication and information initiatives that concentrate on building knowledge societies in which everyone can participate and benefit; promoting universal access to information and wider access to ICTs by ensuring the use of a greater number of languages; promoting cultural and linguistic diversity in the media and international information networks.”

That description fits well with what Freelang has been doing for more than 10 years, don’t you think so? That’s why we submitted the form to register our project. Let’s wait and hope that UNESCO will take an interest in Freelang!

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