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Texting, cooking or free teaching, whatever works!

According to the United Nations, one indigenous language dies every two weeks, mostly amidst general indifference. That is what almost happened to Hawaiian, a few decades ago, before it was …

Whistled Turkish and brain processing

Why Is English So Hard to Learn?

New Language Learning Apps Gain Traction (and Funding)

Compulsory Second Language for NZ Students?

Freelang website

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I love you in all languages

Are you in love? Maybe you’ve told her or him many times already, so how about something new for Valentine’s day? What about saying it in Thai or Finnish, Portuguese …

Happy New Year in all languages

Merry Christmas in all languages


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Test your general knowledge

From the currency used in Brasil to the maximal depth of the Pacific Ocean, the 20 questions of our new quiz will test your general knowledge. Good luck and let …

Quiz about geography

New quiz: Languages of Asia

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Is Albanian derived from Pelasgian?

I would like to give you a crazy prospection about Albanian language derivation from Pelasgian lost language. Albanian and Etruscian language are very similar. Gegh dialect of Albanian language can …

Whistled Turkish and brain processing

The Samoan Language – Present and Future

Cantonese Taking Its Place in a Changing World

New Recognition for Kurdish Language in Turkey