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Productive lockdown and gender-neutral issues

It’s called “productive lockdown”, when most of us have to stay at home we find ourselves with time on our hands, so we can do all the things we always …

Whistled Turkish and brain processing

Why Is English So Hard to Learn?

New Language Learning Apps Gain Traction (and Funding)

Freelang website

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Maldivian and five other new dictionaries

Maldives is well known for its breathtaking atolls and stunning resorts, but it also has its very own language. Maldivian, or Dhivehi (which means ‘islanders’ in Sanskrit) is an Indo-Aryan …


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Test your general knowledge

From the currency used in Brasil to the maximal depth of the Pacific Ocean, the 20 questions of our new quiz will test your general knowledge. Good luck and let …

Quiz about geography

New quiz: Languages of Asia

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Four more dictionary updates

As promised, more updates today: English-Georgian, English-Old English, English-Maltese and English-Esperanto. The largest update is the Georgian dictionary, our previous wordlist used romanized characters and had about 3,500 entries, but …

Is Albanian derived from Pelasgian?

Whistled Turkish and brain processing

The Samoan Language – Present and Future