Hebrew – The language of the angels

19 people from the Gaza community enrolled in the first Hebrew course ever taught at an Islamic University. The flagship University in Gaza is offering a diploma course in Hebrew. Hebrew is the official language spoken by the enemies of the Palestinian people, Israel. The main goal of starting the Hebrew classes was to teach the Palestinian people Hebrew so that they can understand the Israeli people and know how to deal with them. Officials of the University hope that the graduates from the school will be able to teach the language to a lot more people throughout the country. Hebrew was being taught in Palestinian high schools before but the lessons were stopped in the mid 1990s.

Hebrew is the official language spoken in Israel. This Jewish language is one of the oldest living languages. Some people believe that Hebrew was the language of the angels, while other people believe that it was the language spoken by Adam and Eve. According to Jewish folklore, all of humanity spoke the Hebrew language until the Tower of Babel, when God created other languages in a bid to prevent human beings from building a tower that would go up to heaven. Evidence from discovered texts show that the Jews who invaded Canaan spoke Hebrew. The Hebrew language began to disappear after the fall of Jerusalem and the exile of the Jewish people. Traditionally, most Jewish children, even the ones who do not live in Israel, study the Hebrew language as part of their religious upbringing.

There are various notable things about Hebrew. This includes the fact that it is written from right to left using the abjad writing system. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Just like other Semitic languages like Arabic and Aramaic, vowels were not used when writing words, however, vowels have been incorporated in the current writing system. Schools text books and grammar schools use vowels, while magazines and newspapers just use consonants. In order to be able to understand and pronounce the text properly you have to be quite familiar with the words.

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