Our First Prize Winner

He is known as iubito on the Lokanova and Freelang forum, and he is also the happy winner of our photography competition. The idea was simple: buy a product from Freelang and take an original picture of it. Iubito created a nice setting and stroke a pause to imitate the Freelang logo (a little man stepping over the Earth while juggling with red balls). We found that original (and there was no other serious contestant, let us be honest), so iubito won our first prize, a PDA from HP (iPAQ series hx2100, worth 295 euros).

The competition is over but the sale of souvenirs from Freelang is still going on. In our online shop you will find t-shirts of all sizes and colours, and also mugs, steins, mousepads and bags, all bearing the Freelang logo. More than a souvenir from our site, it is also a way to help children who lack a family, as the profit will be given to an orphanage here in Thailand.

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