Discovering other websites

Here is a selection of a few websites among the submissions we have received lately.

Digital Dialects has interactive games in more than 50 languages. Just click on a language and begin practicing by learning numbers, colours or fruits and vegetables. It’s very basic, but it’s fun to play with the different languages.

If you want to learn more vocabulary, check out Jonsay’s online dictionaries. There are 9 languages (Japanese, Indonesian, Cebuano, Tagalog, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish), and the vocabulary is organized by category.

Finally let’s mention, which is, as its name says, about names. You can browse through over 40,000 names, name meanings, origins, and name histories from around the globe.

Happy surfing!

4 Comments on “Discovering other websites”

  1. Digital Dialect is very good for one who want to begin to learn a language or needs to remind something.
    meaning of names, is also interesting, I found my name, and didn’t know it was a Spanish origin I always taught it was italian, the meaning is almost correct. Renato means borned twice.
    about jonsay’s dict, it is always good to know that more people are working with languages, but I think there are better sites. He must improves a lot his page.

  2. The Spanish name Renato is related to the French name Rene. Both mean reborn. They are both from the Latin family of languages. As you can easily tell, the prefix re means again, just like redo means do again.

  3. I guess I’m a snob. I thought Digital Dialect and Jonsay’s online dictionaries were both very good for one who want to begin to learn a language, but for the kind of information I tend to search for, they don’t even come close. As for the, the links were handy, but the etymology of my name is wrong (sort of). Lippert is a contraction for Liet (people) and Pracht (pride, group, etc.). However, the earliest Lipperts were noted for living in straw and clay (mud) huts. So the definition they give is not proper, but is a noted behaviour of the family.

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