New installation manual

We have totally rewritten the installation manual of the Freelang dictionary. It is now more precise, still with all necessary information concerning the download and the installation, but now also with a troubleshooting guide and a description of known bugs. Most users don’t need to read this guide, as the installation is very easy (download the program and one or several wordlists, then install in the same folder), but not everybody is comfortable with the installation of a program, so we provided as much details as we could think of. If anything is missing, though, please let us know!

We still don’t have a programmer who could take care of the program and its development, so chances are that the “known bugs” will remain bugs for some time yet. Our Russian partner, Sabal, is having a close look at the code to see if he can make some modifications, so let’s give him a chance and see what happens. If it fails, we have a plan B and even a plan C, but I can’t elaborate for now.

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