A new design for Freelang (2)

We have almost finished converting the site to version 4.0. We hope you like the new design and the new navigation menus. As far as the coding is concerned, we now speak PHP and CSS. A small step for Freelang, but a giant leap for its webmaster!

Today we reorganized the Link Center, Freelang’s directory of websites. Now all pages dealing with a specific language are redirected to the corresponding page where the Freelang dictionary can be downloaded. For instance, our links to Hindi language websites can now be found on the Hindi dictionary page. So the Link Center only stores the general links, in categories such as Language learning, Dictionaries and translation, etc. There are also general categories for Asian languages, Indian languages, etc. In these categories, you can also find links concerning languages for which we don’t have a dictionary yet, like Khmer or Lao.

Please let us know what you think of the new design. Looking forward to your comments!

2 Comments on “A new design for Freelang (2)”

  1. Dear Beaumont;

    What has happed to your site? I seems i cannot download any dictionaries as they are not listed (even in alphabetical order).


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