Learn Hungarian, the isolated language of Hungary

Hungarian was granted the status of a regional language by the Zakarpattia Regional Council. This was in accordance with the bill that was signed into law by the Ukrainiann president President Viktor Yanukovych on August 8 2012. The basic principle of this law is that if more than 10 percent of the people in a given region speak a certain language as their native language then the language should be promoted to a regional language. Hungarian was declared a regional language in the district of Berehove.

There are about 15 million people who speak Hungarian, out of which 4 million speakers are scattered all over the world. Hungarian is the official language of Hungary. Speakers can also be found in Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine. Other speakers can also be found in the UK, USA, Israel, Australia and Canada. Hungarian is related to some languages which are spoken in Siberia, such as the Mansi language and the Khanty language. Hungarian is distantly related to Finnish but it is not related to Germanic, Slavic and other Romance languages that are spoken in the states that surround Hungary. The Hungarians refer to their language as Magyar. Hungarian is written using the Roman alphabet. Even though the grammar of the language is a bit different from that of other European languages, you can easily learn Hungarian once you master the basic grammar rules. It is not hard to pronounce Hungarian words. This is an interesting language to learn, especially if you are interested in a language which does not have a lot of prepositions and grammatical gender.

There are different Hungarian doalects. This includes West Danube, Alfold, Northewest Hungarian, NorthEast Hungarian, West Hungarian, Kingspass Hungarian, Szekely, Danube-Tsiza and Hungarian Csango. All these languages are mutually intelligible. Thhe Hungarian Csango dialect is the most unique of them all due to the fact that it’s speakers have been isolated from other Hungarian speakers for a long period of time. The Hungarian they speak almost resembels a form of Hungarian that was spoken in the early times. The speakers of this dialect can be found in east Romania.

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