Italian – The Latin language that is pleasing to the ear

The Italian embassy in Zimbabwe launched an Italian language and cultural introductory course. The classes will be offered free of charge to any Zimbabwean who is interested. The course runs for 12 weeks. Classes are taught using different multimedia and involves reading, writing and speaking. Students who successfully complete the course will be able to carry out day to day basic conversations with other Italian speakers. Italian is widely taught in many schools around the world. It is one of the top 5 foreign languages that are taught worldwide. The main aim of the Italian embassy offering the course is to strengthen the business and social ties between Italy and Zimbabwe. Individuals who travel regularly to Italy and those who deal with Italians or Italian businesses will benefit immensely from the course.

Italian is a Romance language, just like Portuguese, French and Spanish. This means that it has its roots in Latin. There are approximately 70 million people who speak Italian. 60 million of these people are based in Italy, while the other 10 million are based in other parts of the world. In addition, an estimated 125 million people speak Italian as a foreign language. Italian is one of the official languages in Switzerland, San Marino, Croatia and Slovenia. It is also the official language of the Vatican. You can also find Italian speakers in France, Eritrea, Chile, Canada, UK, USA and Argentina. There are different accents and dialects of Italian. Italian speakers can easily understand each other even though there are dialectical differences. Most Italians do not speak in their dialect when speaking to foreign speakers.

You can have fun learning Italian. One of the things you must be careful about is the use of cognates. These are generally words from different languages that have the same spelling and meaning. False cognates in Italian may resemble English words, which can be misleading. For example, camera in Italian is a room and not a device used for taking photographs, as is used in English. Learning Italian will make it easier for you to learn other languages such as French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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