Where is Godoberi spoken? And 500 others!

I’m on a virtual journey around the world, jumping from one place to another, from Cameroon to Kyrgyzstan and then from Suriname to Bhutan, then to Benin… Freelang has some pages featuring basic expressions translated in many languages, for instance “I love you“, for which we have 255 languages so far.

But what is missing is the country where such or such language is spoken. Sometimes a language is specific to a single country, sometimes to a region of a country, or several countries. So I’m on this, I have a list of more than 500 languages, and I’m filling in the country, looking for the information on the net. For instance DUALA is spoken in Cameroon, and DUNGAN in Kyrgyzstan. DUTCH is not only spoken in Netherlands, there is Belgium, of course, but also Suriname. Maybe you’ve never heard of DZONGKHA, but it’s the national language of Bhutan.

Today I have come as far as letter G, and I have just learnt that GILBERTESE is another name for KIRIBATI, spoken in Kiribati Islands. Where will GODOBERI take me next?

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