The Rajasthani language of Rajasthan in India

The capital city of Rajasthan is Jaipur. It is popularly referred to as the Pink City. The city is touted as the first planned city of India. It was planned by Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya, who was a Bengali architect. He followed the principles of Indian architecture in his planning. The city has become a major tourist attraction area due to its spectacular fortresses, art, artefacts and hilltops. It is also renown for its rich culture and heritage.

Rajasthani is the official language that is spoken in Rajasthan, India. Rajasthani is also spoken in Pakistan. Rajasthani is an Indo-Aryan language and it falls under the Central Zone, where Hindi and Urdu also fall. During the 19th and 20th century, Rajasthani was considered to be a Hindi dialect. Currently, it is considered to be an independent language. The Rajasthani language was derived from the Apabhramsa language. Rajasthani suffered a great setback during the British colonial period in India. Approximately 80 million people speak the language. Rajasthani is an Indo-Aryan language. Is written using the Devanagari script in India. In Pakistan, the Perso Arabic alphabet is used. Rajasthani has a written literature that dates back to 1,000 years ago.

In India as a whole, there are 18 languages, which are officially recognized and thousands of dialects spoken all over the country. There are various languages that are spoken in Rajasthan. This includes Hindi, which is the most prominent language in the region. English is also widely spoken in the area. If you are visiting the area, you will be able to find tourist guides who speak French, Spanish, Japanese and German. Rajasthani has many dialects. The 5 main dialects consists of Marwari, Mewari, Dhundhari, Hadauti and Mewati. The Marwari dialect has 13 million speakers who can mostly be found in the western parts of Rajasthani and some eastern parts of Pakistan. There are about 5 million Mewari speakers in various districts of Rajasthan. The Dhundhari dialect has about 9 million speakers, who can be found in Jaipur, Tonk, Karauli, Dausa and Ajmer. There are 4 million speakers of the Hadauti dialect. The Mewati dialect was highly influenced by the Brig language.

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