Tamil – The classical Indian language

Malaysian banks have not included Tamil as one of the languages of instruction in their ATM machines. This has resulted in a lot of Tamil educated Indians having problems when trying to carry out ATM transactions. A.R. Subramaniam, the president of the Malaysian Indian Artistes, wrote to some of the banks back in 2011 about the issue, but he stated that he has never received a response and no action had been taken to rectify the situation.

Tamil is a Dravidian language that is mainly spoken in India by the Tamil people. It is recognized as an official language in Tamil Nadu, which is an Indian state, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Puducherry. Minority speakers can be found in Mauritius, Malaysia, Fiji, South Africa and other parts of the world by emigrant speakers. Tamil is one of the first languages to be declared a classical language by the Indian government in 2004. It was declared a classical language because it met various criteria. This included the fact that it has ancient origins, it has a large body of ancient literature and it has an independent tradition. During the early 21st century, there were over 66 million Tamil speakers. The language is currently spoken by over 70 million people all over the world. Spoken Tamil has changed over time. This has resulted in phonological differences when it comes to the spoken language and the written language. Tamil is considered to be the oldest Dravidian language.

The tamils are considered to be the oldest surviving ethnic group. They are regarded as temple builders. Tamil Nadu is usually regarded as the land of temples, due to the large number of temples and the artistry of the architecture. About 88% of Tamils are Hindus, so most Tamil traditional arts is based on Hinduism. The Tamil film industry is the second largest in India, and is popularly known as Kollywood. A lot of martial arts originated from the Tamil region, before spreading to China. The 2 most importantfestivals for Tamils include the harvest festival (Ponga) and the New Year festival (Varuda Pirappu). These festivals are celebrated by most Tamils.

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