Searching for God, 0 results

We received this message from a very concerned user:

There is a serious omission in the Hungarian dictionary.
Searching for: God (0 results) No result. Please search again.

So I can’t help wondering… does God exist in Hungarian? Does God exist at all?? Have you ever tried to search for God and how many results did you get?

The person who wrote to me also gave me the translation: “Isten” or “Jó Isten” is Hungarian for “God”.

So I replied to his message:

Thank you for your message. If you search for “god” (no initial cap) you will find several expressions with the word Isten in it.

But “God” only is missing.

Not only in the dictionary, though.

Best regards,

By which I didn’t mean that God didn’t exist, right? I could also mean that God exists but could show up more often, or something like that. Anyway I hope I didn’t offend anyone. It was just a metaphysical moment that I wanted to share with you…

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