Romanian – The language of Romania

Google launched a Romanian version of YouTube on 25th April 2013. The launch was overseen by the Romanian Google country manager Dan Bulucea. Google, which is viewed as being a major source of information for its users, has been translated into 24 languages so far. The Romanian Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, had a meeting with the representatives of Google company to find out how the government can better cooperate with Google, so as to provide Romanians with better information when it comes to research, education and culture.

Romanian is the main language that is spoken in Moldova, Croatia, and Romania. Romanian speakers can also be found in Italy, Spain, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Canada and the US. English has overtaken French as the second language used in Romania. Romania had a number of German speakers living in the country. Even though the number of German speakers is declining, the German language is still used at a fluent level, more specifically in the Transylvania region. Other languages that are spoken in Romania at a fluent level include Turkish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Greek, Italian and Russian. The reason why most people speak the languages fluently in the country is due to the fact that the languages are taught in school. Romanian has 31 letters of the alphabet. The alphabet used is similar to the English language, the only exception being 5 special letters which have diacritics.

Romanian is a Romance language. It is spoken by approximately 24 million people. The Romanian language has been influenced and has loan words from other Slavic languages such as French, German, Turkish, Greek and Old Church Slavonic. Romanian also maintains some linguistic features from Latin, which other Romance languages did away with. The pronunciation of Romanian is phonetic. This means that words are pronounced as they are written. This fact makes it easier for English speakers to learn the language. The sounds and accent used is almost similar to those used by other Romance languages, most particularly Italians. If you have a mastery of other Romance languages, then it will be easier for you to learn Romanian.

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