Question about identical flags

Scott had the correct answer to the question we asked in our previous post. It was indeed the flag of the Ainu people, which is also the latest dictionary added to our collection, thanks to our friend Charles Lippert.

Maybe the question was too easy or too difficult, I don’t know. So here is another one for you: can you give me an example of two countries which have the same flag? I can think of at least two different examples, if we don’t take the proportions of the flags into account.

Let’s play! πŸ™‚

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  1. Italian and mexican flag? Well, ok I’m cheating, you need to remove the center element of the mexican flag to make it work.

    Then if you rotate some flags 90Β° I suppose you can consider that the ones from France and Netherland are identical … not sure if that’s what you meant with “if we don’t take the proportions of the flags into account”.

  2. Trick question!
    Monaco, Indonesia and Poland.
    All three are red and white placed horizontally.
    Monaco is square while Poland and Indonesia are rectangular.
    Monaco and Indonesia places red on top, Poland on bottom.
    So, if you take the Polish flag and hang it upside down, you now have the Indonesian flag; now cut it into a square, you have the flag of Monaco.

  3. Monaco and Indonesia, that’s correct! (If you don’t take into account the proportions of the flags.)

    But there are two other countries who also have the same flag… πŸ˜‰

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