Nahuatl – The lingua franca of Mexico

The National Anthem of Mexico was translated into Nahuatl and it is usually sung in that language. The Nahuatl language is widely used during Christian mass in Mexico. There have been a number of film productions that have been produced in that language. Nahuatl is the most widely spoken indigenous language in Mexico. It is also spoken in the US. Approximately 1.5 million people in Mexico speak the language on a daily basis. Nahuatl falls under the Uto-Aztec group of languages. The expansion of the Nahuatl empire between the 8th and 16th century segmented the importance of the language in the region.

The term Nahuatl is currently used to refer to 2 different aspects. The first meaning of the term Nahuatl is the language spoken by the Aztecs and their predecessors. The term Nahuatl is also used to refer to a collection of languages spoken by the people in Mexico. The common characteristics of all these languages is that they have been heavily influenced by Spanish. Due to the dominance of the Spanish language in the history of Mexico, Nahuatl has a number of loan words from Spanish, especially when it comes to fauna and flora vocabularies. Spanish also has a number of loan words from Nahuatl, which have in turn found their way into the English language. This includes words such as tomato, avocado and chocolate. Most Nahuatl speakers also know Spanish, with the exception of a few elderly people.

Pronunciation of words varies between different Nahuatl languages. Suffixes and prefixes are widely used to come up with words which have different meanings. Symbols and pictographs were first used to write the language. The weakness of this writing system was that it did not include the full vocabulary of the Nahuatl language. The writing system was not used primarily to read but to help individuals remember important stories about the community, which they had learned orally, such as their genealogies. The Latin alphabet was then introduced from Spanish. A large number of Nahuatl literature was written using the Latin alphabet. However, there is still debate about the spelling of words in Nahuatl.

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