Learn Hindi and communicate with millions of other speakers

If you own an android device which runs on 4.1 system or more, you can download an Indic keyboard to your phone from Google Play Store for free. This will enable you to type messages in Hindi and other Indic languages on your phone. There are other companies that have also provided keyboards that can be used to write in Hindi. These keyboards can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. There are 487 million people who speak Hindi either as a first language or second language. Hindi is the official language used in India. It is mainly spoken in the northern and central parts of India alongside other languages. Hindi is also spoken in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Fiji. Other languages that are spoken in India include English, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Oriya and Kannada.

It can be fairly easy to learn the Hindi language. This is because pronunciation follows how the words have been written. The sentence structure differs from English in that verbs are placed at the end of sentences. Hindi is normally written from left to write. There are many English words which have been derived from Hindi. This includes words such as guru, yoga, avatar and karma. If you know Hindi, you can easily learn other languages such as Urdu, Gujarati, Nepalese and Sanskrit due to the level of similarities these other languages have with Hindi. There are hundreds of Hindi dialects but they all use the same script apart from the Southern dialects which use the Dravidian script.

Hindi is an Indo Aryan language. It is closely related to Urdu, which is the main language spoken in Pakistan. The main difference between the languages is the writing systems and the fact that a lot of words from the Hindi language have been derived from Sanskrit while a lot of Urdu words come from Persian. Urdu is written using Arabian script while Hindi is written using Devnagari script. At an informal level, the two languages almost sound the same, so much so that they can almost be considered to be a variety of the same language.

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