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Our latest dictionaries, apart from Burmese and Khmer, bear such strange names as Rutul, Aghul or Tsakhur. We also have Khanty, Selkup, Nenets… Had you already heard of these language names? Personally I hadn’t, that is until our best friend Renato Figueiredo offered us these dictionaries. Before putting them online, we do our homework and we include very basic information on the dictionary pages, such as the main geographical area, the number of speakers, the language family and sub-group, and the other related languages. But sometimes a map also comes handy, so we searched the web for some language maps (free of rights, not copyrighted materials), and we put them on a special page here at Freelang. We retouched them a little, and we also added the maps that were on our language families page. The result is a new page of the site, called Language Maps, which shows 13 maps on various themes: North American languages, Slavic languages, the ethnic groups of Caucasus, Russia and China, the distribution of languages in India and Africa, etc. We hope you like this new section, and we will keep the collection growing, as we plan to add more maps (of Europe for instance).

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