Is Albanian derived from Pelasgian?

I would like to give you a crazy prospection about Albanian language derivation from Pelasgian lost language.
Albanian and Etruscian language are very similar.
Gegh dialect of Albanian language can decipher many old toponyms (places) from Spain to India.
All the “Greek” ancientness gods can be explained only in Albanian and not in other language.
If you go deep and do a good research will be very surprised from what you will find out.
Albanian language it is spoken the same as today over 4000 years ago.
Zeus = zeu = voice
Athina = E thena = The spoken
Rhea = Reja = Cloud (mother of Jupiter)
Thétis = Deti = Sea (god of the sea)
Themis = Te mys = I punish (god of justice)
Malmonte (place in the mountain) = Mal = Mountain. The word MAL will find it in many towns in mountains of Europe.
Gardh = Fence/Wall/perimeter = many cities finish with that word (Gard) witch represent the oldest cities created by a perimeter fence/wall

….and more and more facts that will put Albanian language on top of all Indo-European languages

(Received by email from “Mrs Ervin”)

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  1. Stop using Albanian non sense pleaseeeee, I am an Albanian and I feel very embarrassed indeed. If you want to find anything about Albanian etymology look for Julius Pokorny Dictionary which I have edited and posted in old geocities domain under the user name illyrianka

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