Greek – One of the most difficult languages to learn

The Greek language was included as one of the 11 languages in the Australian National Curriculum in 2011. This meant that Greek is now among the languages taught in Australian primary and high schools. Greek is among the top five languages that are spoken in Australia, with over 250,000 people being able to speak the language fluently as of 2006. Learning Greek increases ones understanding of other languages, making it easier for one to understand a lot of things. This is because most disciplines use the Greek language to explain their core basis. This includes Archeology, Mathematics and Philosophy.

Greek is an Indo-European language. It is spoken by 14 million people, most of them based in Greece and Cyprus, where it is considered an official language. 98% of the Greece population speak Greek. Other minority languages that are spoken in Greece includes Macedonia, Albanian, Turkish, Bulgarian and Aegean. The language is also spoken in Turkey, Albania and Italy. The Greek alphabet, which has 24 words, is used when writing in this language. In the past, the Greek alphabet was used to write other languages such as Hebrew, Albanian, Turkish, Gaulish and Thracian. The Greek alphabet has been in use for 2,750 years. Greek is one of the most difficult languages one can learn. Over 50,000 words from the English language and are derived from Greek. This includes words such as politics, titanic and technology. Other European languages and different medical terminologies also use some Greek words. Many new words especially in the sciences have their roots in Greek words.

There are various notable features of the Greek language. This includes the fact that it’s alphabet system was the first to include vowels. Also, it’s direction of writing as changed over time. It was first written from right to left, then it changed to alternating from right to left and left to right. Currently, it is being written from left to right. The Greek language is important in the history of Christianity and Philosophy as many important texts such as the bible and the works of ancient philosophers were written in this language.

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