Georgian – An ancient language that is still popular

Georgians have highly contributed to the the world culture and civilization. Georgian tribes were renown for their highly original and developed culture. Proof of this can be illustrated through the various monuments that exist not only in Georgia but in other countries as well. This includes the Georgian alphabet, which is one of the remaining 14 alphabets in the world. The alphabet has evolved over time to what it presently is, with some letters being added while others were dropped out of the alphabet. There are 3 kinds of Georgian scripts known as Asomtavruli, Mkhedruli and Nuskhuri. The Georgian alphabet has 33 letters, out of which 5 are vowels. Each letter corresponds to a sound. Other languages which are written using the Georgian alphabet includes Laz, Svan and Minglelian, which are all Caucasian languages spoken in Georgia. Formerly, Armazuli, a form of Aramaic, was the written language used in Georgian.

Georgian is the only language in the Ibero-Caucasian group that has its own ancient script. There are no capital letters in the language as in Latin script. Letters are normally simple and economic. The language is normally written from left to right and the letters are usually not connected to each other. Letters are assigned numerical values as there are no numerals. There is no distinction between the genders in the Georgian alphabet. The Georgian vocabulary is enriched with loan words from other languages such as Turkish, Arabic, Greek and Russian. This came about as a result of close interaction with people in those language groups. Even if you do not know a single Georgian word you can still survive in Georgia. It can be a bit of a struggle to learn the language but once you put your mind to it and immerse yourself in the language you can learn slowly.

Georgian is the official language that is spoken in Georgia. It is also spoken in Turkey, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, US, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Russia and Iran. Georgian is a Caucasian language that is spoken by 4.1 million people. Georgian is believed to fall in the category of south Caucasian languages.

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