Freelang is 100% clean!

We received a very nice email today from a user named Manuel S., who said he submitted our Spanish-English dictionary to Softpedia, a website where you can download free software. Our dictionary was reviewed and accepted, and we even got an award! Actually it is more like a certification, which says that they have thorouglly tested the product and that it doesn’t contain any trojan, virus or spyware. It is 100% clean.

This kind of award is very important to us, because our downloadable archives are self-extractible Winzip files, and some stupid anti-virus like Avast sometimes give false alerts when analyzing the files. That get us some nasty emails from angry users, and it’s very hard to convince them that our files are clean and that it is a false alert produced by their paranaoid anti-virus software. Some users even refuse to leave their email address, as they don’t trust us, so it’s even more frustrating because they think there is a trojan in our files, and I can’t even reply to them to tell them it’s not true.

Freelang will always remain spyware-free and virus-free, and to the best of our knowledge all the files you download from our site are 100% clean. If you’re still not sure of a file, please have it analysed by different anti-virus software, as it is possible on, for instance.

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  1. I liked the sentence stupid avast anti-virus. This always happens with me when I have to install Albanian-English dictionary, so I must unisntall avast, than install Albanian dict, and than re-install avast, so there is no problem. This happens only with Albanian word list. as Avast is always a problem, I try not to format the computer, cause the problem with avast always happens. What I didn’t like with soft page was: I tryed to download a Swedish translator and nothing happens, so I quit it, anyway Consgratulations for the new way in show freelang dicts. I’ll be more famous. Renato Figueiredo

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