Drink your coffe in a Freelang mug and help an orphanage in Thailand!

I’m very happy to announce the opening of our online Souvenir shop! You can buy not only mugs, but also steins, mousepads, bags, a large variety of t-shirts, and even the world famous Freelang thong!

Why did we open that shop? Just for fun! It’s not to earn money. Of course the products are not free, but all profits will go to an orphanage, and Freelang won’t pocket any cent. So it’s just for you to enjoy your products, as souvenirs from our website, and also an opportunity to do a good deed.

We also launched this special event as a way to celebrate Freelang’s tenth anniversary. And who knows? One day, in the streets of London, Oslo or Bangkok, you might encounter a fellow member with a Freelang t-shirt!

The operation is explained and described in details here:
>> www.freelang.org/operation_logo

You can see a presentation of all products, place an order, read our commitments and check the accounts of the operation (everything is done in total transparency). Those who have bought a product are also invited to join a photo competition, you can find the details at the address mentioned above.

I hope you will like the idea, as well as the products. Many thanks in advance!

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