Danish: A flat and beautiful language with a funny drawl

A proposal by the Danish government to cut funding for Danish Language courses were strongly opposed by Enhedslisten (EL, a far left party in Denmark). Their main reason for this opposition was the fact that the cuts would affect the standard of Danish courses being offered in language centers all over the country. The main beneficiaries of the courses are adult foreign workers, refugees and immigrants. They learn Danish as one of the ways to assist them integrate into the Danish culture. Danish can be difficult for foreigners to master but most people find it very entertaining to listen to. This is because it is spoken in a monotone drawl, which makes it sound like one is speaking with a hot potato in their mouth. Its native speakers refer to it as a beautiful and charming language.

Danish is the official language spoken in Denmark, Faeroe Islands and Greenland. Even though Faeroe Islands and Greenland have other languages, most people use Danish in formal situations. The language is also taught in schools. Danish is also spoken in the southern German border by approximately 20,000 people. Danish is referred to as a flat language because it is spoken with a flat accent. Denmark is also a flat country. Even though Denmark is a small country, the language has several dialects. Most Danes speak the standard dialect, which is known as Rigsdansk. Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are very similar especially when it comes to vocabulary, so if you can understand one language then you can understand the others. Danish is written using the Roman alphabet but it has 3 extra letters which means that its alphabet has a total of 29 letters.

The Danish law requires that all foreigners be taught the language. There are different course levels to choose from. The courses are available during weekdays and weekends too. Summer programs are also available. It takes an average of 6-12 months to complete one level. You may be charged a nominal fee for course registration. Apart from the language, you will also be taught about Danish culture. Private courses can also be offered if you want.

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