Chuukese – Learn the language and buy the land

If you are interested in learning Chuukese, you can also save up some money to buy land in Micronesia, in order to be considered a real Chuukese. Land ownership in Chuuk is of extreme importance, given that the Chuuk Islands have a high population, that is condensed within a small geographical region. Land is an important possession in the Chuuk culture, so much so, that if you do not own land you are considered poor and will be looked down upon by other members of the community. Land is considered to be a source of wealth and prestige. There are four major ways of getting land in the Chuukese culture. You can inherit it, buy it, get it as a gift from a friend or family or discover uninhabited land.

Chuukese is also called Trukuse, Lagoon, Ruk, Truk, Chuuk and Fayichuck. It is a Trukic language belonging to the Austronesian language group. It is primarily spoken in the Caroline Islands of Micronesia and also in the United States. Approximately 45,000 people can speak Chuukese either as a first or second language. There are several variations of the language in the Chuuk islands, but speakers can understand each other. Missionaries devised a method of writing Chuukese using Latin script during the 19th century. This was later developed by linguists to include accented letters. Most Chuukese are Roman Catholics. Apart from Chuukese, English, Pohnpean, Kosrean and Yapese are also widely spoken in Micronesia.

There are some interesting facts about Micronesia, home to the Chuuks. This includes the fact that Micronesia has very few published authors. Also, If you are looking for one of the safest neighborhoods in the world, then Kosrae would be it. Located in the Chuuk Islands of Micronesia, the island has the lowest crime rates. You will be also safe from crocodiles and snakes as these reptiles cannot be found in Kosrae. Most pubs and restaurants are closed by 10 pm, so it is better to make other evening plans while you are in Micronesia. No addresses are used in the state of Pohnpei as there is only one main road, which most locals are familiar with.

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