Asia gets its own name on the Internet!

At first, there was only .com, .net, .org and a few others, like .gov or .edu. Each country also had its own TLD (top level domain), .fr for france or .it for Italy. Some small countries like Tonga or Laos even sold their TLD to make smart domain names (, Then there were the .biz, .tv, .info extensions, along with a few others. Europe also created the .eu extension, the first regional TLD. Now Asia is catching up, and is proud to announce the creation of .asia, a new TLD which will be run by a non profit-making company based in Hong Kong. It will be set up in three phases, first for government websites, then for registered trademarks and private companies.

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  1. *I give in*, also is the same as saying…*I give up*..which can be translated as * I can’t be bothered to try, (or look) anymore*
    Is that the same as *me rindo * in Spanish ? I am British english, and would use * to hand in * rather than * to give in*.
    I love the Freelang emails, and live mostly in Spain. I find Freelang really helpful, and amusing,

  2. Thanks a lot Vicki for your comment. We understand that you were replying to another post which concerned the verb “give in” 😉

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