Abkhaz: the language that caresses the ear and expresses all emotions

“The Abkhazian language is very flexible and sonorous; it gives not only the solemn tones, but it caresses an ear with the tenderest expressions. Both terrible sounds of the nature and the melody of the quiet wind puff, the streamlet purl, sorrow and joy, anger and kindness, are fully expressed in this language.” This is how scientist and the teacher Machavariani describes the Abkhazian language. Abkhaz is a Caucasian language spoken by the Abkhazians. It is the official state language for the Republic of Abkhaz. It is said that Abkhaz is situated in the exact geographical region that Adam and Eve lived. Other nationalities also live within Abkhazian territory. This includes Greeks, Turks, Russians, Armenians, Jaws and Ukrainians. Most of them know and speak Abkhazian well. Children are also taught the language in school. Approximately, over 100, 000 people speak the language including members of the Abkhazian diaspora in western countries.

Abkhazian is one of the languages that has been well investigated and paid attention to over time. This is due to the careful preservation of the language by its natives who preserved an oral literary language. This language has developed and evolved over time to become one of the most top rated grammatically. It is classed highly among other languages, in the same way that English is highly rated among European languages. Abkhaz can be united with Abaza to form one language known as Abazgi. Abkhaz and Abaza are grammatically similar apart from some phonological differences. Abkhaz has three dialects: Sadz, Abzhywa and Bzyb.

Abkhazian is widely used in the publication of Newspapers and magazines. Literature used in learning institutions, covering various subjects, political, social and even economic are available in Abkhazian. Local TV and radio stations also have programs that are broadcast in the language. Theaters and institutions that carry out cultural activities present plays, songs and dances in Abkhazian. Fictional works such as novels and short stories are available and have also been translated into other foreign languages.

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