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FREELANG Ojibwe-English-Ojibwe online dictionary

Authors/copyrights: Weshki-ayaad, Charlie Lippert & Guy T. Gambill.
Last update: 10/07/2017 - 102053 entries



Whole word

A note from the authors:
- You should do a reverse lookup if the word you are looking for has a Section-mark (§) on the right-hand column.
- If your entry has a Section-mark with numbers, then the entry was broken up into pieces - the first number being the piece segment and the second number being the number of total pieces.
- The Freelang Ojibwe dictionary uses Open Single-Quote (`) character instead of the Generic Single-Quote (') to represent glottal stops.

Random entry from this dictionary: goopaji` (vta) means treat SB ill.

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