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How can Freelang help you?

Freelang provides free dictionaries, free human translation, and many other useful resources if you are learning a language or need a translation.

Free language dictionaries to download or look up online

Freelang offers free bilingual dictionaries. Install the program once, then download as many languages as you need. You can browse the word lists, add your own words or create your own dictionary! An online version is also available if you just want to look up some words.

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Free Human Translation

If your request is not too long and is not for commercial purpose, you can contact a Freelang translator and wait for the reply to come by email. You can also join us as a translator, everybody is welcome! Our Forum is also at your disposal if you need help translating something, or if you wish to help other people.

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If you need a longer translation: ask for a free quotation

If your translation doesn't meet the terms of our free service, please contact us and we will get back to you with a Free Quotation. We work with professional translators who offer great prices and deliver quality translations on time.


If you need a translation in many languages

I love you in all languages, peace in as many languages as possible, these are classics and we already had them translated. Check out our collection of Expressions in all Languages, or enter our dedicated Forum, where we always add many words and expressions.

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Take our quizzes and test your knowledge!

Brush up your knowledge about languages and cultures by taking our quizzes.

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If you need to write or read a document in a language that uses a non-romanized alphabet, choose a font in our Font Center. From Arabic to Vietnamese, including Hebrew, Japanese... a collection of more than 300 fonts available to download on one page and from one server (no dead link!).


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