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Our latest member

Michael JACKSON, from Thailand, joined our team of translators on 27 Aug 2023 and is our latest friendly volunteer. Thank you and welcome!

Michael can help you translate from ORIYA to SWAHILI and other combinations.

Look up this translator's profile for more information...

How does it work?

Freelang's free Translation Help Service enables you to contact a translator and get some help to translate something you don't understand. Hundreds of volunteers have registered with us, in many languages, and you can submit your question to them (only short and non commercial texts). Just select a language and a translator, fill in our contact form, and the translator will reply by email. For more information please read the Users' FAQ.

Professional Translation

If your request doesn't meet the terms of use of our free service and you wish to call in a professional translator for a paid work, you can request a quotation by filling in our contact form.

Freelang Forums

Please feel free to participate in our forum if you have any question or if you just want to meet other friendly Freelang members. We can also help you identify a language, or have something translated in many languages.

Translators' area

Join our team

You are welcome to register with us and become a Freelang translator, a good way to keep practising your skills while helping other people. Click here to subscribe! Make sure you also read the Translators' FAQ.

Manage your profile

If you are one of our translators, you can access your personal data with your login and password. You can then modify your profile, modify your languages, remove yourself temporarily from the list if you are too busy, or just unsubcribe.