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FREELANG Font Center - Installation of a Font

 Download a font for a foreign language

 What is a virtual keyboard, do I need one?


How to install a font (Windows)

  • Download the font you need, then unzip the file in a temporary folder (with a program like Winzip).
  • Click on Start, go to Settings, click on Control panel, then double-click on Fonts.
  • In File menu, choose Install a new font.
  • Select the drive and the folder in which the font is (i.e. the folder in which you unzipped the font you downloaded).
  • Select the font and click on OK (make sure that "copy the fonts in Fonts folder" is checked).

    How to view a font

    To actually view all the characters in a font, you can use Windows font viewer: click on Start, Run, then type charmap.

    However, if you need more information, we recommend you to download a font viewer, like "Arjan Mel's Font Viewer", which you can download from our site. Click on the picture below to enlarge the screenshot.

    Click to see a screenshot

  • Download Arjan Mel's Font Viewer (607 kb)
      If, during the installation, a window pops up and says "Unable to Post Registration", please click "No", then "OK", to complete the installation.
      We believe this error is happening because the website where the registration is supposed to be posted no longer exists.

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    Macintosh users: how to convert a font

    The fonts we provide are for PC only. Mac users can use a font converter to convert all the foreign fonts to Mac from PC or vice versa. There are two files to download, one is Windows-Mac, the other Mac-Windows.

    Mac OS X users can install fonts for PC without any transformation.

     TT_FontConvert.sit (195 kb)
     TTConverter_1.3.sit (28 kb)

    Many thanks to Erik Schaug for sending us this converter.

    Links to other resources

    If you're looking for some more fonts, please check out this website:

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