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FREELANG English-Cockney dictionary

This dictionary was made by Bertrand Girardi.

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1Valerie Singleton
2Bottle of Glue
6Dorothy Dicks
6Tom Mix
8Garden Gate
8T and H
9Calvin Klein
10Chicken & Hen
10Dirty Den
22Two Little Ducks
26Bed and Breakfast
40Basil Fawlty
45Rouf Cinque
50Steve McGarret
88Two Fat Ladies
100Day's Work
1000Long Un
1000Rio Grande
1 Shilling (5 pence)Bob
2:2 (lower second class degree)Desmond Tutu
4 Door SaloonKen Boon
All Dayer (all day drinking session)Leo Sayer
All Dayer (all day drinking)Gary Player
AloneJack Jones
AloneJack Jones
AlonePat Malone
AloneTodd Sloan
Are you sure?Are you George?
ArmChalk Farm
ArmyDaft and Barmy
ArmyKate Karney
ArseApril in Paris
ArseBottle and Glass
ArseKhyber Pass
ArseholeElephant and Castle
ArseholeJam Roll
ArseholeMerry Old Soul
AuntMrs Chant
AuntMrs. Chant
BabyBasin of Gravy
BackCadbury's (snack)
BackCilla Black
BackHammer and Tack
BackHat Rack
BackHay Stack
BackJumping Jack
BackRoof Rack
BadSorry and Sad
Baker's dozensPaul Cousins
BallsBerlin Walls
BallsTown Halls
Balls (testicles)Cobbler's Awls
Balls (testicles)Niagara Falls
Balls (testicles)Orchestra Stalls
BaltiBasil Fawlty
BananaGertie Gitana
BankCab Rank
BankHam Shank
BankIron Tank
BankTin Tank
BankTommy Tank
BarThere you are
Bar (pub)Jack Tar
Bar (pub)Near and Far
BarberDover Harbour
BarrowBow and Arrow
BarrowCock Sparrow
BathSteffi Graf
BatteryTony Slattery
BeaverSigorney Weaver
BedBorn and Bred
BedScratch yer head (Scratcher)
BedUncle Ted
BeefItchy Teeth
BeerPig's Ear
BeersBrittney Spears
BeginnerLilley & Skinner
BelieveAdam and Eve
BellHair Gel
BellyAuntie Nellie
BellyDerby Kelly
BellyNew Delhi
BellyPeanut Butter and Jelly
Bender (homosexual)Leo Fender
Bent (criminal)Stoke on Trent
Bent (homosexual)Stoke on Trent
BestMae West
BetHouse to Let
BeverageEdna Everage
Biggun (big one)Barry Mcguigan
BigotLester Piggot
BikeDick Van Dyke
Bill (statement)Beecham's Pill
Bill (statement)Jack and Jill
Bill (statement)Jimmy Hill
BintPolo Mint
BirdRichard the Third
Bird (Lime)Prison Time
BitchesRonald Riches
BitterHabitual Knitter
Bitter (beer)Apple Fritter
Bitter (beer)Gary Glitter
Bitter (beer)Giggle and Titter
Bitter (Beer)Laugh and Titter
BlindBacon Rind
BlokeHeap of Coke
BloodClaret (red wine)
Blotto (drunk)Santa's Grotto
Blowy (Windy)David Bowie
BoatNanny Goat
BogKermit the Frog
Bog (Toilet)Cat and Dog
BoilCan of Oil
BoilConan Doyle
BollocksFlowers and Frolics
BollocksJackson Pollock
BombsUncle Toms
BonesTom Jones
BookCaptain Hook
BookFish Hook
BookJoe Hook
BookiesCream cookies
BootsDaisy Roots
BoozerAll Time Loser
BoozerPerpetual Loser
Boozer (liquor store)Battle Cruiser
BoreFront Door
BossDead Loss
BossJoe Goss
BossPitch and Toss
BossProfit & Loss
BottleJerry Cottle
Box nervo and Knox
BoyRob Roy
BraMaster McGrath
Brace and BitShit
BracesAirs and Graces
BracesAscot Races
BrainsDown the Drains
BrakesFrancis Drakes
BrandyFine and Dandy
BrandyJack the Dandy
BrassiereBristol Pistol
BreadUncle Fred
BreastEast West
BreastsGeorgie Bests
BreathKing's Death
BrideFat and Wide
BrokeCoals and Coke
Broke (financial)Hearts of Oak
BrotherManhole Cover
BrotherOne and t'other
Brussells (sprouts)Cockle and Mussells
BucketMrs Duckett
BullshitterLittle Critter
BumDeaf and Dumb
BumKingdom Come
BumQueen mum
Bunk (bed)Pineapple Chunk
BurpWyatt Earp
Burst (urinate)Geoff Hurst
BusinessBee's Knees
ButterJohnny Mutter
ButterMutter and Stutter
ButterStammer and Stutter
ButterTalk and Mutter
CabBob McNab
Cab (taxi)Sherbet Dab
CafeColonel Gadaffi
Café (pronounced caff)Riff Raff
CakeSexton Blake
CandleHarry Randall
CandleSaucepan Handle
Cans (headphones)Desperate Dans
CarJam Jar
CarKareem Abdul Jabbar
Car (flash one)Danny Marr
Card bladder of lard
Cardy (cardigan)Linda Lusardi
CashArthur Ashe
CashBangers and Mash
CashCrosby, Stills, Nash
CashDot and Dash
CashHarry Bash
CashHarry Nash
CashSausage and Mash
CatThis and That
CellFlowery Dell
ChairHere and there
ChairLion's Lair
ChalkDuke of York
Chancer (someone not qualified)Bengal Lancer
ChangeRifle Range
Charlie (cocaine)Boutrous Gali
ChatBowler Hat
ChatTop Hat
CheapMeryl Streep
CheekHide and Seek
CheekOnce a Week
CheeseBended Knees
CheeseEvening Breeze
CheeseJohn Cleese
CheeseStand at Ease
ChequeDuchess of Teck
ChequeGoose's Neck
ChequeGregory Peck
ChequeNervous Wreck
ChestBird's Nest
ChestGeorge Best
ChestPants and Vest
ChickenCharlie Dicken
ChillyUncle Billy
ChinBiscuit Tin
ChinErrol Flynn
ChinHarry Lin
Chink (Chinese)Rink-a-dink
ChinkyThumb and Pinky
ChipsHairy Nips
ChipsJockey Whips
Chopper (Penis)Gobstopper
ChumFruit Gum
ChurchLeft in the Lurch
CiderDeep sea glider
CiderEasy Rider
CiderShaun Ryder
CiderWinona Ryder
Clanger (mistake)Coat Hanger
ClassBottle and Glass
CleanBillie Jean
Clink (jail)Kitchen Sink
ClockDickory Dock
ClownCharlie Brown
ClueDanny La Rue
ClueDanny LaRue
CluePot of Glue
CoatNanny Goat
CoatQuaker Oat
CoatWeasel and Stoat
Cockney Rhyming SlangChitty Chitty Bang Bang
CoffeeEverton Toffee
CoffeeRoland Joffe
CoffeeSticky Toffee
ColdBoris the Bold
ColdCheltenham Bold
ColdPotatoes in the mould
ColdSoldiers Bold
ColdStevey Bould
ColdTaters in the Mould
Conk (Nose)Glass of Plonk
CookBabbling Brook
CookRubber Duck
CoolHarry Kewell
Copper (Police Officer)Bottle and Stopper
Copper (police)Grasshopper
Coppers (police)Bottles and Stoppers
Cork Duke Of York
CornerJimmy Orner
CornerJohnnie Horner
CornerJohnny Horner
CoughBoris Karloff
CoughDarren Gough
CousinBaker's Dozen
CowardFrankie Howard
CrapJamie Redknapp
CrapPony and Trap
CrapVon Trappe
CrashSausage and Mash
cream freezerIce
CrimeLemon Lime
CrippleRaspberry Ripple
CrookBabbling Brook
CrookJoe Rook
Crown Lousy Brown
CrustYou Must
CryDrip Dry
CryPipe your Eye
Crystal PalaceScreaming Alice
Cunt (Fool)Charlie Hunt
CupboardMother Hubbard
CurryBill Murray
CurryRuby Murray
Customs & ExciseChurch Boys
DaftFore and Aft
Dame Judy (Dench)Stench
DanceJack Palance
DanceKick and Prance
Darlin'Briney Marlin
DaughterBottle of porter
DaughterBricks and Mortar
DeadBrown Bread
DeadFather Ted
DeadSimon Said
DeadUncle Fred
DeafMutt and Jeff
DealIan Beale
Decks (turntables)Posh ‘n Becks
DiceRats and Mice
Dick (penis)Three Card Trick
DictionaryTom, Dick and Harry
DietBrixton Riot
DinnerJim Skinner
DinnerJohn Skinner
DinnerLilley and Skinner
DinnerLilly and Skinner
DinnerMichael Winner
DockRed sock
Doddle (easy or straight forward)Glenn Hoddle
DogCherry Hogg
Dole (welfare)Ear’ole (Ear Hole)
Dole (welfare)Nat King Cole
Dole (welfare)Rock and Roll
Dole (welfare)Sausage Roll
DollarOxford Scholar
DoorGeorge Bernard Shaw
DoorHenry Moore
DoorRoger Moore
Door Rory O'Moore
DopePope on the rope
Dope (marijuana)Bob Hope
DoseHalf a Gross
DozenMonkey's cousin
Dozen country cousin
DraftGeorge Raft
DrinkKitchen Sink
DrinkSalvador Dali
DrinkTiddley Wink
DrinkTumble down the sink
DrinkWeakest Link
DrippingDoctor Crippen
DrugsPersian Rugs
DrunkElephant's Trunk
DrunkPie and Apple Chunk
DumpFoot pump
Dump (shit)Camel's Hump
Dump (shit)Donald Trump
Dump (shit)Forrest Gump
DumpsGravy lumps
Dyke (Lesbian)Magnus Pike
Dyke (Lesbian)Three Wheel Trike
EarKing Lear
EarlyLiz Hurley
EarsDonald Peers
EarsLords and Peers
EarsTen Speed Gears
EasyBright and Breezy
EasyHam and Cheesy
EasyLemon Squeesy
EggClothes Peg
ElbowSpanish Archer
EngineerGinger Beer
ErectionGeneral Election
Evening PostBeans on Toast
Evens (betting)Major Stevens
ExamGreen eggs and ham
EyesMince Pies
F**kDonald Duck
FaceBoat Race
FaceChevy Chase
FaceDrum and Bass
FacesAirs and Graces
FactsBrass Tacks
Fag (cigarette)Cough and Drag
Fag (cigarette)Harry Rag
Fag (cigarette)Harry Wragg
Fag (cigarette)Melvynn Bragg
Fag (cigarette)Oily Rag
Fag (cigarette)Toe-Rag
FairyJulian Clary
Fairy (Gay)Canary
FakeRicki Lake
FakeSexton Blake
FanFrying Pan
FannyAuntie Annie
FannyJack and Danny
FannyJack 'n' Danny
Farmer (see usage)Arnold Palmer
Farrahs (trousers)Bow and Arrows
FartApple Tart
FartD'Oyly Carte
FartHorse and Cart
FartLionel Bart
FartRaspberry Tart
FartingGeorge Martin
FaultWhiskey Malt
FavourCheesy Quaver
FaxNails and Tacks
FeelOrange Peel
FeetPlates of Meat
Fibs (lies)Scott Gibbs
FightRead and Write
FineCalvin Klein
FingersLongers and Lingers
Fire Anna Maria
FishLilian Gish
FistOliver Twist
FiveJacks alive
FiverDeep Sea Diver
FiverPam Shriver
FiverSky Diver
Fiver (5 pound note)Lady Godiva
FlannelSuez Canal
Flares (wide bottom trousers)Lionel Blaire
FlashLemon Dash
Flash (natty)Harry Dash
FloorRory O'Moore
FlowerEarly Hour
FlowersApril Showers
FlushSnow and Slush
Flying SquadSweeney Todd
Football PoolsApril Fools
ForkDuke of York
ForkRoast Pork
Four of a KindCheese rind
GarageSteve Claridge
Gargle (drunk)Arthur Scargill
GasBottle of bass
GayBale of Hay
Gay (homosexual)Doctor Dre
Gay (homosexual)Finlay Quaye
Gay (homosexual)Ted Ray
GeezerFridge Freezer
GeezerIce Cream Freezer
GeezerJulius Caesar
GeezerLemon Squeezer
GhostPillar and Post
GigglesFlight Lieutenant Biggles
GinMother's Ruin
GinNeedle and Pin
GinNose and Chin
GinVera Lynn
Gin and TonicPhilharmonic
Gin and TonicSupersonic
GirlMother of Pearl
GirlOcean Pearl
GirlTwist and Twirl
Girl GuideBlushing Bride
GirlfriendLemon Curd
GiroNightboat to Cairo
Git (twit)Strawberry Split
GlovesTurtle Dove's
GoScapa Flow
GoalSausage Roll
Gob (mouth)Gang and Mob
GoodRobin Hood
GossipRex Mossop
GrandBag of Sand
GrapesPlanet of the Apes
GrassErnie Marsh
Grass (Informant)Duck's Arse
GravyArmy and Navy
GreekBubble and Squeak
Gregory PeckCheque
GriefOmar Sharif
GutKing Tut
GutsComic Cuts
Guts (stomach)Newington Butts
GutterBread and Butter
GymFatboy Slim
HaddockFanny Craddock
HairBarnet Fair
HairBiffo the Bear
HairBonney Fair
HairFanny Blair
HairFred Astaire
HairTony Blair
Half (a pint)Cow and Calf
HamUncle Sam
HandIvory Band
HandSt. Martins-Le-Grand
HandsGerman Bands
HandsJazz Bands
HandsRubber bands
HandyJack an' Dandy
HandySugar Candy
HankyWidow Twanky
HarshRodney Marsh
HatTit for Tat
HeadBlood Red
HeadCrust of Bread
HeadLoaf of Bread
HeadUncle Ned
HeartHorse and Cart
HeartJam Tart
HeartStrawberry Tart
HellDing Dong Bell
HellGypsy Nell
HellJimmy Nail
hemorrhoidClement Freud
HemorrhoidsEmma Freuds
HillJack and Jill
HoleDrum Roll
HomeGates of Rome
HomePope in Rome
HookerOne Time Looker
Hooter (nose)Pea shooter
HorseBottle of Sauce
HorseCharing Cross
HostPillar and Post
HotAuntie Dot
HotPeas in a Pot
HouseCat and Mouse
HouseMickey Mouse
HusbandOld Pot And Pan
I don't mindSans Fairy Ann
IceAnneka Rice
IceVincent Price
IceWhite Mice
IllJimmy Hill
JacketDesmond Hackett
JacketTennis Racquet
JailBucket and Pail
JailGinger Ale
JailRusty Nail
Jaw jackdaw
Jean’sSteve McQueens
JeansDixie Deans
JeansMilton Keynes
JeansRunner Beans
Jesus ChristCheese and Rice
JewFive to Two
JewFour by Two
JewelleryTom Foolery
JobCorn on the Cob
JobDog's Knob
Jock (Scot)Sweaty Sock
JokeEgg Yolk
JokeRum and Coke
Joke Bushey Park
JudgeBarnaby Rudge
JudgeChocolate Fudge
JudgeInky Smudge
KettleHansel and Gretel
KettleStinging nettle
KeyBrenda Lee
KeyJenny Lee
KeysBruce Lee’s
KeysDancing Fleas
KeysJohn Cleese
KeysKnobbly Knees
KidneyBo Diddley
KidsDustbin Lids
KidsGod Forbids
KidsSaucepan Lids
KidsTeapot Lids
KidsTin Lids
KipJockey's whip
Kipper Jack the Ripper
Kiss hit and miss
KnackeredChristmas crackered
Knackered (tired)Cream Crackered
Knackered (tired)Kerry Packer
Knackers (testicles)Jacobs Crackers
KneesBiscuits and Cheese
KneesChips & Peas
KnickersAlan Whickers
KnifeDrum and Fife
Knife and ForkDrummond and Roce
KnobUncle Bob
Kraut (German)Rainbow Trout
Labour beggar my neighbour
LagerForsythe Saga
LagerMick Jagger
LarkNoah's Ark
Lark Bushey Park
Lark (fun)Tufnell Park
LastPresent and Past
LateCilla Black
LateGarden Gate
LateTerry Waite
LaterBaked Potato
LaterChristian Slater
Later Alligator
LatherHow's your father?
LaughBobble Hat
LaughBubble Bath
LaughCows Calf
LaughSteffi Graf
LaughSteffi Graf
LaughTin Bath
LaughTurkish Bath
LaughWally's Scarf
LaughWooly Hat and Scarf
LaughYou're having a Giraffe
LavatoryFamily Tree
Left HereVan Gogh Ear
LegMystic Meg
LegsBacon and Eggs
LegsHam and Eggs
LegsMumbley Pegs
LegsPins & Pegs
LegsScotch Pegs
Leicester SquareEuan Blair
LesbianWest End Thespian
LiarBob Cryer
LiarDunlop Tyre
LiarHoly Friar
LiesPork Pies
Life (term)Porridge Knife
LightIsle of Wight
LighterKungfu Fighter
LightsIan Wrights
LiverCheerful Giver
LiverSwanee River
LodgerArtful Dodger
LookButcher's Hook
LookCaptain Cook
Loot (money)Fibre of your fabric
Lost ItKate Mossed It
Lot (Serving or share)Hopping Pot
LoveRubber Glove
LoveTurtle Dove
LuckDonald Duck
LuckFriar Tuck
Lunch kidney punch
MadEast Ham
MadMum and Dad
MagistrateGarden Gate
MailBritish Rail
MargeLittle and Large
MarkFinsbury Park
Marker (pen)Ronnie Barker
MarriedCash and Carried
MatchItch and Scratch
MatchesCuts and Scratches
MateChina Plate
MateGarden Gate
M'DarlinBarney Marlin
Meat PieDog's Eye
Meetin' (meeting)Buster Keaton
MentalRadio Rental
Mental (crazy)Chicken Oriental
MerryTom and Jerry
MessElliot Ness
MessSlits in a Dress
MiddleHey Diddle Diddle
MilkAcker Bilk
MindChinese Blind
MingeEdinburgh Fringe
MiniFat and Skinny
Minute cock linnet
MissCuddle and Kiss
MissesPlates and Dishes
MissusCheese & Kisses
Missus (Mrs)Love and Kisses
MoanDarby and Joan
MoneyBees and Honey
MoneyBread and Honey
MoneyBugs Bunny
MormonJerry O'Gorman
MorningGipsy's Warning
Motor (car)Haddock and Bloater
MouthNorth and South
Mug (chump)Toby Jug
Mug (fool)Steam Tug
Nail monkey's tail
NarkGrass in the Park
NavySoup and Gravy
NeckBushel and Peck
NeckGregory Peck
NervesWest Ham Reserves
NiceChicken and Rice
Nick (prison)Shovel and Pick
NightmareLionel Blaire
NippleRaspberry Ripple
NippyBungle & Zippy
Nippy (cold)George and Zippy
NoiseBox of Toys
NoiseGirls and Boys
NoseFireman's Hose
NoseI Suppose
NoseIrish Rose
NunCurrent Bun
NunHot Cross Bun
ObsceneJames Dean
OffFrank Bough
Old Man (Father)Pot and Pan
Old man (husband)Pot and Pan
On My OwnToblerone
On your ownTodd Sloane
OrganMolly O'Morgan
Out of OrderAllan Border
OvercoatI'm Afloat
OwnJack Jones
PaddyTea Caddy
PagerJohn Major
PakistaniBacon Sarnie
PakistaniReg Varney
PantsAdam Ant
Paper (newspaper)Linen Draper
ParkLight and Dark
ParkNoah's Ark
ParkPlimsoll Mark
Parking WardenGay Gordon
PartyGay & Hearty
PartyRussell Harty
Pawn (as in-pawn)Bullock's Horn
PeasJohn Cleese
PeasKnobbly Knees
PeeKen Smee
Pee / WeeFiddle De Dee
Peelers (police)Pittsburgh Steelers
Peice (lunch)Merlyn Rees
Penny Abergavenny
PensionShawshank Redemption
PhoneDog and Bone
PhoneEau de cologne
PhoneHerring bone
PhoneStrawberry Rhone
Pickle Harvey Nichol
PicturesDolly Mixtures
Piddle (urinate)Jimmy Riddle
Pigs (Police)Pork Chops
PilesDuke of Argyles
Pilesmetric miles
PilesMichael Miles
PilesNuremberg Trials
Piles (hemorrhoids)Chalfont St Giles
Piles (hemorrhoids)Farmer Giles
Piles (hemorrhoids)Nobby Stiles
Piles (hemorrhoids)Rockford Files
Piles (hemorrhoids)Sieg Heils
Piles (hemorrhoids)Slay 'em in the aisles
PillJimmy Hill
Pill (birth control)Jack and Jill
Pill (Contraceptive)Fanny Hill
PillowTit Willow
PillowWeeping Willow
PillsBenny Hills
PillsMick Mills
PillsScott Mills
Pinch (steal)Half Inch
PinchedHalf inched
PipeCherry Ripe
PishLillian Gish
PishSingle Fish
PissArthur Bliss
PissGypsy's Kiss
PissHit and Miss
PissSnake's hiss
Piss (Make fun of)Mickey Bliss
Piss (Urinate)French Kiss
PissedAdrian Quist
Pissed (drunk)Brahms and Liszt
Pissed (drunk)Oliver Twist
Pissed (drunk)Schindlers List
Pissed (drunk)Scotch Mist
PistolLady from Bristol
Pitch (Stall or Stand)Hedge and Ditch
PlannerElsie Tanner
PleaseHairy knees
Plonk (Wine)Plink
PocketLucy Locket
PocketSky Rocket
PokeOkey Doke
PoliceOld Bill
PonceCharlie Ronce
Ponce Alphonse
Pong (smell)Hum & Song
Pony (25 pound)Macaroni
Poof (homosexual)Iron Hoof
Poor on the floor
PorkMickey Rourke
PornFrankie Vaughan
PornJohnny Vaughn
PotsNorman Watts
Pounds (currency)Quid
Pounds (currency)Sovs
PoxCardboard Box
PoxHolly Hox
PratPaper Hat
PratPrairie Hat
PrawnFrankie Vaughan
PrayerWeavers' Chair
PregnantKeith (Chegwin)
PrickHampton Wick
PrideJekyll and Hyde
PriestBag of Yeast
PriestFar East
PrinterBernie Winter
PrisonBoom and Mizzen
Prison OfficerScrew
PubNuclear Sub
Pube (pubic hair)Rubric's Cube
Puff (marijuana)Mickey Duff
PuntersBillies Bunter
PuntersHillman Hunters
PuntersWheeltappers and Shunters
QuarterFarmer's Daughter
QuarterGlass of Water
Queen (Elizabeth II)Baked Bean
QueerChelsea Pier
Queer (homosexual)Brighton Pier
Queer (homosexual)King Lear
Queer (odd)Ginger Beer
QueueBernard Matthew
QuidBin Lid
QuidOcean Going Squid
QuidTeapot Lid
RabbitsNuns 'n Habits
Racing PostHoly Ghost
RailToby Ale
RainAndy Cain
RainPleasure and Pain
RallyManchester Scally
RandyMahatma Ghandi
Rave (dance)Comedy Dave
RaverCheese Gratter
RawBale of Straw
Readies (cash)Duane Eddies
Readies (pound notes)Nelson Eddy's
ReasonsFour Seasons
ReekAncient Greek
RentBurton on Trent
RentDuke of Kent
RideCharlie Pride
Right Isle of Wight
RingHighland Fling
Ring on FingerLing and Linger
RiverShake and Shiver
RoadFrog and Toad
RookieBiscuit and Cookie
RothmansDustins Hoffman
RottenDot Cotton
RottenReels of Cotton
RoughBrian Clough
Row (argument)Barn Owl
Row (argument)Bull and Cow
RumFinger and Thumb
RumTom Thumb
Sacklast card in the pack
Sacktic tac
Sack (fired)Tin Tack
Saloon BarBalloon Car
Sarnie (Sandwich)Georgio Armani
SauceDead Horse
SauceRocking Horse
SaucerGeoffrey Chaucer
Saw bear's paw
ScarMars Bar
Scooby DooShoe
ScoreBobby Moore
ScoreHampden Roar
Score (£20)Apple Core
ScotSweaty Sock
ScotchPimple and Botch
Scotch (Whisky)Gold Watch
ScouseMickey Mouse
ScoutsBrussel Sprouts
ScramCheese & Ham
Scran (food)Jackie Chan
SeaHousemaid's Knee
SeenPearly Queen
SenseEighteen Pence
Severn BridgeHotpoint Fridge
SexPosh ‘n Becks
ShabbyWestminster Abbey
ShagZig and Zag
ShaggedMelvyn Bragged
SharkNoah's Ark
ShaveAll Night Rave
ShaveChas and Dave
ShaveDig in the Grave
SheilaFour Wheeler
ShiftyNifty n Frifty
Ship'appeny dip
ShirtDicky Dirt
ShirtUncle Bert
ShitBrad Pitt
ShitEartha Kitt
ShitGravel and grit
ShitTom Tit
ShitTwo Bob Bit
ShiteBen Cartwright
ShiteTurkish Delight
Shite (shit)Barry White
Shit'sSan Moritz
Shits (diarrhoea)Two-Bob Bits
ShitterLight and bitter
ShitterMavis Fritter
Shitter (rectum)Council Gritter
Shitter (rectum)Gary Glitter
Shitter (toilet or rectum)Rick Whitter
ShockerBarry Crocker
ShockerConstantino Rocca
ShoeHow d'you Do
ShoesDinky Doos
ShoesOne and two's
ShoesOnes and Twos
ShoesRhythm and Blues
ShoulderSpark and Smoulder
ShoutBrussel Sprout
Shout (round)Wally Grout
ShovelLord Lovel
ShowerDavid Gower
ShowerEiffel Tower
ShowerTelecom Tower
SickBobby & Dick
SickMoby Dick
SickPat and Mick
SickSpotted Dick
SickTom and Dick
SickUncle Dick
SillyAuntie Lily
SillyDaffy Down Dilly
SillyUncle Willy
SimpleDolly Dimple
SisterSkin and Blister
SisterSock and Blister
Sixty-sixclickety click
Skin (cigarette paper)Vera Lynn
SkintBernie Flint
SkintLamb & Mint
Skint (broke)Borassic Lint
SkiveDuck and Dive
SkunkTree trunk
Slag (prostitute)Toe Rag
Slang (Cockney Rhyming)Matheson Lang
SlapWatford Gap
SlashCharlie Nash
SlashMark Ramprakash
SlashPat Cash
Slash (piss)Pie and Mash
SlaughteredSon 'n Daughter'd
SleepMeryl Streep
SlippersBig Dippers
SmellAunt Nell
SmileCarpet Pile
SnakeJoe Blake
SneezeBread and Cheese
SnideJeckyll and Hyde
Snout (cigarette)Salmon and Trout
Snout (cigarette)Salmon and Trout
Snouts (Cigarettes)Ins and Outs
SoapBand of Hope
SoapBob Hope
SoapCape of Good Hope
SoapFaith and Hope
SocksAlmond Rocks
SocksGoldie Locks (Goldies)
SocksTilbury Docks
SonCurrant Bun
SonHot Cross Bun
SongDing Dong
SoresDudley Moore's
SoupLoop de Loop
Spanner (wrench)Elsie Tanner
SparrowBow and Arrow
SpatulaHorace Batchelor
Specs (spectacles)Gregory Peck
Specs [Spectacles)Mikkel Becks
SpineLager and Lime
SplinterAlan Minter
SpoonDaniel Boone
SpoonDavid Boon
SpoonMan on the Moon
Spot (acne)Randolph Scott
SpouseBoiler House
SproutsTwist and Shouts
SpudsRoy Hudd's
Spunk (semen)Harry Monk
StainsMichael Caines
StairsApples and Pears
StairsDaisy Dancers
StairsDancing Bears
StarvedPear Halved
Starvin'Hank Marvin
Starvin'Lee Marvin
State (anguish)Two and Eight
SteakJoe Blake
Steak and KidneyKate and Sydney
StellaYuri Geller
Stella (Artois)Keith Deller
Stella (beer)Nelson Mandelas
Stella (beer)Paul Weller
Stella Artois (beer)Ooh Aah
Stellas (beers)David Mellors
StenchDame Judy Dench
StewBattle of Waterloo
Still Beecham's Pill
Stilsons (Pipe Wrenches)Harold Wilson's
StinkPen and Ink
StinkinAbraham Lincoln
Stool April fool
StrangerGlasgow Ranger
StrangerQueen’s Park Ranger
StrangerTexas Ranger
StrawAli McGraw
StrayGamma Ray
StreetField of Wheat
Strides (trousers)Donkey Rides
Strides [trousers)Jekyll and Hydes
StripperJack the Ripper
StrongPing Pong
SubRubber Dub
Sub (pay advance)Rub a Dub
SuitBag of Fruit
SuitBowl of Fruit
SuitTin Flute
SuitWhistle and Flute
SunCurrent Bun
SuntanDesperate Dan
SupersonicGin and Tonic
SupperTommy Tucker
SureBobby Moore
SuspendersNo Surrenders
Swear Lord Mayor
SydneySteak & kidney
TableBetty Grable
TableCain and Abel
Tablets (Ecstasy)Gary Abblets
TailAlderman's Nail
TailorSinbad the Sailor
Tale Daily Mail
TalkRabbit and Pork
TalkerMurray Walker
TanCharlie Chan
TanPeter Pan
TannerLord of the Manor
Tanner (sixpence)Sprarsy Anna
TartKick Start
TaxCandle Wax
TaxiJoe Baxi
TeaHalf Past Three
TeaRosy Lea
TeaYou and Me
TeethBexley Heath
TeethEdward Heath
TeethHampstead Heath
TellyNed Kelly
TellyRoger Nellie
TellyWobbly Jelly
Telly (TV)Custard and Jelly
Telly (TV)Liza Minelli
TenBig Ben
TenCock and Hen
TennerAyrton Senna
Tenner (£10)Paul McKenna
Tenner (10 pound note)Louise Wener
TesticlesBarnacle Bills
ThiefTea Leaf
ThievingTea Leafing
ThirstGeoff Hurst
ThroatBilly Goat
ThroatJohn O’Groat
ThroatNanny Goat
TicketBat and Wicket
TicketWilson Picket
TiePeckham Rye
Till Jack and Jill
Till (Cash register)Jack & Jill
TimeBird Lime
TimeGrease and Grime
TimeHarry Lime
Tips (Gratuities)Fish and Chips
Tit (breast)Brad Pitt
TitsFirst Aid Kits
Tits (breasts)Ballroom Blitz
Tits (breasts)Brace and Bits
Tits (breasts)Eartha Kitts
Tits (breasts)Fainting Fits
Tits (breasts)Thr'penny Bit
Titties (breasts)Bristol Cities
Titty (breast)Walter Mitty
ToastHoly Ghost
ToastMickey Most
ToasterRoller Coaster
ToeSebastion Coe
ToesBromley by bow's
ToiletTrap One
Tomato SauceDead Ross
TongueBrigham Young
Tool April fool
ToolsCrown Jewels
ToolsJudge Jules
TossKate Moss
TosserDental Flosser
Tote canal boat
TowEdgar Alan Poe
TowelPeter Powell
TowersDavid Gowers
TownJoe Brown
TrainJohn Wayne
TrainMichael Caine
Trainers (running shoes)Claire Rayners
Trainers (running shoes)Gloria Gaynors
Tramp (hobo)Paraffin Lamp
Tramp (hobo)Thirteen Amp
TroubleBarney Rubble
TrousersLesley Crowthers
TrousersRound the Houses
TrueEyes of Blue
Tube (underground)Oxo cube
Turd (shit)Douglas Hurd
Turd (shit)Richard the Third
TurkeyPinky and Perky
Twenty-two Dinky Do
TyresDorothy Squires
Ugly FaceCambridge and Oxford
UmbrellaAuntie Ella
UndiesEddie Grundies
UndiesReg Grundies
VanBread & Jam
VAT (value added tax)Vodka and Tonic
VegUncle Reg
VeganKevin Keegan
VeggieRonnie & Reggie (Kray)
VestEast and West
VicarPie and Liquor
Voda (mobile phone)Whiskey and Soda
VoiceHobsons Choice
VomitWallace and Gromit
Wager (bet)John Major
WagesCat and Cages
WalkBall of Chalk
WankBarclays Bank
WankJodrell Bank
WankTom Tank
Wank (masturbate)J. Arthur Rank
Wank (masturbate)Midland Bank
Wank (masturbate)Peddle and Crank
Wank (masturbate)Sherman Tank
Wank (masturbate)Tommy Tank
WankerKuwaity Tanker
WankerMerchant Banker
WankerRavi Shankar
WashBob Squash
Watch Gordon & Gotch
Watch (fob watch)Kettle and Hob
WaterDarling Daughter
WaterFisherman's Daughter
WaterTen Furlongs (Mile and a quarter)
Web SiteWind and Kite
WeedHarris Tweed
WeedShannon Tweed
WeekBubble and Squeak
WeightPieces of Eight
WenchMonkey Wrench
WenchTramp on a bench
WhiskyGay and Frisky
WhoreDoug McClure
WhoreRoger Moore
WifeBread knife
WifeDuchess of Fife
WifeFork and Knife
WifeTrouble and Strife
WigIrish Jig
WigSyrup of Figs
WindowBurnt Cinder
Windshield WiperBillie Piper
WindyMork and Mindy
WoodDo me Good
WordDicky Bird
WorkCaptain Kirk
WorkKathy Burke
WorriesFred McMurrays
WrongFalun Gong
WrongPete Tong
YankSeptic Tank
YankSherman Tank
YankWooden Plank
YanksHam Shanks
YanksPetrol Tanks
YawnJohnny Vaughn
YearsDonkey's Ears
Yid (Jew)Front Wheel Skid