From New York to Rio – The NY Times Launches Brazilian Website

A recent announcement from the New York Times revealed they will be establishing a dedicated Brazilian Portuguese website some time in 2013. The stated goal of the website is to provide news in the style of the New York Times but presented in Portuguese in order to create a wider local appeal – the publication will also feature an emphasis on local news and aims to make use of the Times’ resources and journalistic experience to give other local news publications a run for their money when it comes to informing Brazilians about what’s happening in the world around them. The site will also include translated versions of the main stories appearing on the main English Times website, giving a reasonable balance between international and local stories.

The New York Times isn’t the only business trying to tap into the burgeoning Brazilian market. Travel information site Touristlink is also trying to extend their reach in Brazil with the launch of a new Portuguese version of their website. The moves reflect the growing economic importance of Brazil and the growing awareness of international businesses that there is big money to be made by catering to Latin American markets in their own first languages.

The moves by both companies also indicate a growing recognition of a growing class of educated, wealthy and globally-minded Brazilians.

However, new business developments in Brazil aren’t limited to foreign companies moving in and attempting to capture a share of the market with Portuguese language websites. In fact, recent events have indicated Brazilian businesspeople are beginning to make a much more significant mark on the world – most notably when it comes to buying up what were formerly Portuguese-owned businesses. The economic crisis in Brazil is creating new opportunities for savvy Brazilian businesses, with the Portuguese national airline now looking increasingly likely to be sold off to interests in South America. The shared language between the two distant countries may result in a smoother business deal that makes sense for the struggling Portuguese government.

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